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How a rainy commute turned into a warm embrace

How a rainy commute turned into a warm embrace

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Anong Say ni Bae

For the past week, I felt really hurt because of an undying crush for someone that I’ve tried to ignore for quite some time. So one afternoon, while commuting home from Paranaque and while talking to God in my head, I prayed for him and told God that I’m hurt.

Still on my commute, I passed by a mall and when I was about to go out, I saw my brother coming in. Turns out, he was also on his way home but he was just looking for a comfort room. It was raining at that time and traffic was piling up so I was happy I was with him all the way home.

Why was I telling you that? God knows what I needed when it was raining hard and when the commute was getting gloomy, my brother. I think God was telling me to be patient. He knows what I need…

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Let there be Light

I have always wanted to write about this but I didnt have the right words to say. Something inside me also tells myself that there’s still something missing. But it’s all about God’s perfect timing and I believe He’s telling me to write it now. So enjoy?
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Proverbs 1:33


“…but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm.”

-Proverbs 1:33


Bea and Typography


Well, hello there!!!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been interested with TYPOGRAPHY. Let’s define Typography. Continue reading “Bea and Typography”


Blue Caterpillar


Two weeks ago, before my Philosophy class started, I was quietly reading the handout given to us. Then, I noticed something moving on my shirt. Well, at first, I thought it was just my hair but it wasn’t actually windy so I looked at it because it was distracting me from my reading. My eyes widened as I saw a worm on my shirt. Continue reading “Blue Caterpillar”


Well, Hello, there!!!

cropped-ufsdhoig.pngSome people think that my name, “Bea”, Is short for “Beatrice”, “Beatrix”, or “Beaaaaa-something” buuuuuuut     it’s just Bea 😉