Let there be Light

I have always wanted to write about this but I didnt have the right words to say. Something inside me also tells myself that there’s still something missing. But it’s all about God’s perfect timing and I believe He’s telling me to write it now. So enjoy?

Last Semester, we were tasked to sculpt any house using the techniques taught to us in Pottery using clay during our FA30 class. I really put my heart and soul during the thinking process and I related the house to my own home. During a jeepney ride home, I realized that I wanted to make an abandoned house. I teared up during the entire jeepney ride home. (It felt so awkward and funny to me when I realized that there are people in front of me. I was lost in my thoughts because I sat at the end of the bench so I just looked outside the entryway of the jeepney.)

I felt like an abandoned house, a house left to rot by its owners. That’s what I still felt after the months my mom left our home. After a lot of tries to bring her back, I kinda lost hope and interest. I distracted myself with other things. I lost that image of my family being united once again.

I finished the house. That house was meant to be functional. It’s supposed to be a lighting accessory. A candle must be put inside the house and the light will glow from inside through its holes and windows. When I got the final product, after its been fired in the kiln, I never tried to light it up and put a candle inside until this day.

Before, someone told me na kulang yung faith ko. I tried to deny it. I, then, realized that it was true. I didn’t have faith at all. It was very challenging for me to accept it. Yesterday was my turning point. That moment when my mom said yes to me and that moment when I saw her inside Cinema 1, theater mall (I invited her kasi sa Feast Greenhills), hope was regained. I believe that God is working right now in our lives.






Finally, light, hope, love and faith lit up the heart of the house. Little by little, the house is restored. For this, I thank everyone for all their prayers and I thank God for continually working in my life.


5 thoughts on “Let there be Light

  1. My dearest Bea,

    This is beautiful. ❤️ Amazing how God is continuously working in your Life. ❤️ Love when it’s the hardest and forgive when it’s the most hurtful. You’ll see how it’ll create beautiful things just like your wonderfully made “house”. ❤️

    Proud of you always. A real beauty inside and out.❤️

    I love you and most of all your heart. ❤️

    Keep on pushing the pen! I’d love to hear more of your stories.❤️


    Mommy Isis


    You are loved. ❤️


    1. Mommy!!!!!
      Thank you soooo much. Sorry now lang nakareply hehhe you are one of the people who inspires me everyday. I love you!!!!!! Thank you for all the support 💗💗💗 sobrang contagious ng love mo mommy. Thank you again and again and again. 💟💟💟💟 Love, Bea


  2. Oh Bea its amazing how the Holy Spirit sustains you through the toughest of trials. I was truly touched by your letter. Stay strong, I love you.


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