Blue Caterpillar


Two weeks ago, before my Philosophy class started, I was quietly reading the handout given to us. Then, I noticed something moving on my shirt. Well, at first, I thought it was just my hair but it wasn’t actually windy so I looked at it because it was distracting me from my reading. My eyes widened as I saw a worm on my shirt. I panicked because it seemed poisonous. I took my phone and flicked the little guy off of me.

Then, I thought to myself “It was the most beautiful creature”!! I realized that it was color blue with dots of green at the little guy’s feet. And, it was actually a caterpillar! I searched for him but he was nowhere to be found. I went to the female’s comfort room to check if he was still clinging to my clothes but he was not there. This may sound weird, but I got worried.

I could’ve just gotten a piece of paper and transferred him there. I could’ve appreciated his beauty. But i didn’t and I can’t anymore.

This lead me to a lot of realizations in Life. (woah, bea)

I was too scared to be touched by a blue creature and, for that, both of us lost opportunities, an opportunity for me to appreciate its beauty and an opportunity for him to live and become a butterfly.

Be open to what life brings you! Say yes more often and conquer your fears! 🙂


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